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Adult Group Guitar

Adults can learn beginning or intermediate guitar in a small group environment that also provides individualized instruction.

Tuition is $140/$150 for one 14/15-week semester or $250* for two semesters (fall and spring semesters).

  • Guitar for Beginners
    Class focus is learning basic guitar techniques including chords, strumming, single note melodies, and some reading.  The interests of the class are considered concerning musical style and overall interests. 

  • Guitar Intermediate
    The class will focus on all the techniques from guitar 1 in greater depth.  Other advanced techniques will be introduced based on the level, and interests of the class.
  • Bass for Beginners
    The class will focus on a range of basis techniques used in modern electric bass playing.  Some techniques include.  Root bass lines, walking bass lines, and riffs in a variety of styles.

Private Lessons are available for guitar and bass. The sessions are one on one lessons with student and instructor.  Please contact the CMS-D Registrar for more information.

Note: A minimum of 4 lessons must be purchased.  All lessons scheduled must be paid in advance. Financial assistance is not available for private lessons. See CMS-D Registrar for scheduling information.

Private lesson rates:

  • $25 for 30 minutes
  • $37.50 for 45 minutes
  • $50 for 60 minutes

*Note: The tuition discount is not available through online registration; only by registering in-person at CMS-D or by mail during the fall semester only. Please contact the CMS-D Registrar for more information (313) 578-9716 or cmsd@msu.edu.


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Adult playing guitar
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