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Student Spotlight: Ben Kiefer

Ben KieferAfter hearing a new song just one time, 19-year-old Ben Kiefer, can play it.

Kiefer is a music therapy client of Cindy Edgerton, director of music therapy clinical services. He has been working with Edgerton for more than 10 years. Musically, he is one of her most advanced and challenging students.

"Ben's overall musicianship skills are at an extremely high level. After hearing a song one time, Ben can immediately re-create it--melody, harmonies, voices, rhythms and instruments--by playing it on a piano or keyboard and/or singing it," said Edgerton.

Ben's father, Tom Kiefer, says music therapy has made a difference in Ben's life. "Before Ben started working with Cindy, his autistic traits were heightened, and after he started music therapy, everything was normal, everything was right," said Tom. It is rewarding to see Ben's happiness and growth while he studies music with Edgerton, said Tom.

According to Tom, Ben really likes performing. He performs pieces for his family around Christmastime, and he plays the piano as people are coming into the Celebrate Abilities recitals for atmosphere.


Originally published in the March/April 2010 CMS e-newsletter.

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