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Financial Aid

The Community Music School awards financial aid to students based on need. CMS financial aid is supported by the proceeds from CMS benefit concerts, sponsorships, and donations.

Aid funding is limited each semester.

Documentation of household income on a 1040 tax form from the previous year must be submitted with the application form (PDF)*.

Application Deadlines

Fall 2018 applications are due September 15, 2018

Spring 2019 applications are due February 2, 2019

Summer 2019 applications are due 2-3 weeks before lessons/programs begin

Late applications are accepted, however, applications received by the due date receive priority.

All MSU faculty, staff and students receive a 5% discount on tuition and class fees, but must mention the discount at the time of enrollment.

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read PDF documents.

"As a student's family, we received tuition assistance from MSU CMS. We really appreciate it and hope we can donate some day for other people. Thank you!"

-CMS string student/family


"We are so thankful for the tuition assistance provided for us. Otherwise, we would not be able to participate in music lessons for our children. Thank you!"

-CMS early childhood music student/family

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