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John Hatton (Folk Music, Ukulele, Guitar)

John Hatton is an instructor of ukulele and guitar in the Michigan State University Community Music School’s folk music program.

Mr. Hatton graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology but taught himself how to play music by listening to cylinders, 78s, LPs and live performances. Mr. Hatton started to learn the soprano ukulele at the age of four, and is an avid lover of anything using a ukulele. Mr. Hatton is known for his teaching of novice players and various festivals and workshops, and having debut a “uke tune” after only an hour.

at an early age, Mr. Hatton was inspired by guitar players. When teaching guitar, his primary focus is accompanying fiddle players of various styles. He has given many workshops on how to use various melodic and rhythm techniques.

Mr. Hatton is interested in teaching Old Time Country music, as well as Blues, Rags, Cajun, Hawaiian, Irish, Scottish, French Canadian and American music, and sound reinforcement.

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