Kaylee Bernard

Music Theory

Kaylee is a first-year master’s student at Michigan State University, studying Music Theory and Saxophone Performance. In 2020, she graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Music Education. While at CMU, she served as a tutor for undergraduate theory and aural skills courses for four years. In addition, she redesigned the curriculum for the music theory program at CMU’s Summer Music Institute as well as developed a program evaluation to determine how to better serve the high school attendees and their learning needs. At MSU, Kaylee serves as a Teaching Assistant for the first-year theory courses and also works in the Music Theory Learning Center as a tutor. As a pedagogue, Kaylee focuses on creating an inclusive and supportive environment in which students can share their perspectives, pose thoughtful questions, engage in rich musical discussion, and make connections between musicianship skills and other aspects of their lives.

Kaylee Bernard headshot