Tana Denning


Tana Denning is an instructor of piano at Michigan State University’s Community Music School.

Tana began formal piano lessons at age 9. Discovering her passion for all musical instruments, she went on to study violin/fiddle music, folk harp, and more throughout high school and into college. However, piano remained important and she eventually received her master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy and Performance at the University of Northern Iowa. Her instructors included Dr. Theresa Camilli, Dr. Dmitri Vorobiev, and Prof. Sean Botkin. Tana’s final research project was on the use of folk music at the piano which led her to a more in-depth look at the Suzuki method. Upon graduating in 2013 from UNI, Tana immediately began training to become Suzuki certified.

Tana teaches both Suzuki piano lessons and traditional piano lessons. Tana enjoys teaching a wide variety of ages and loves introducing people to the joys of making music!