Tess Miller, DMA, CMP, CPC, ELI-MP

Musicians' Wellbeing Initiative Team Member

Tess is a flute instructor and Musicians’ Wellbeing Initiative team member at the MSU Community Music School.

For over 20 years, Tess has developed a successful portfolio career as a performing artist and instructor. One of her biggest accomplishments in that time was to discover the importance of making career choices based on what fuels enthusiasm as opposed to what looks good on paper. Upon discovering how much enthusiasm she had for helping her students discover their own enthusiasm, she decided to become a Certified Professional Coach.

In 2019, Tess launched her seminar and coaching business, Wings Unfolded, LLC. Her weekly live show, Growing in Uncertainty, can be found on Facebook and YouTube. Episodes focus on different topics that relate to self-discovery, personal development, and using uncertainty as a navigational tool in life.

Tess also teaches at Alma College, performs with the Traverse Symphony Orchestra, and provides live, therapeutic music at the bedside of the ill and dying at McLaren Greater Lansing. She resides in St. Johns with her partner, Scott R. Harding, who follows his enthusiasm by playing in his hard rock band, Iron Fist, and her child, Roslyn, who follows their enthusiasm by drawing and making TikTok videos.

Tess Miller headshot