MSU Community Music School Is "Able Eyes Accessible"

February 21, 2020


At CMS, creating an accessible and welcoming environment is vital to providing music education and music therapy to people of all abilities.

With the generous support of Patricia and David Brogan, CMS was able to partner with local company, Able Eyes, to create a 360° virtual tour of the MSU Community Music School, offering individuals of all abilities to virtually explore and acclimate themselves with the space before even walking through the doors.

This experience allows children and adults with physical disabilities, autism, ADHD, victims of trauma, anxiety, hearing impaired – anyone – to have peace of mind in knowing what to expect when visiting CMS as well as ensure a comfortable and positive experience.

Able Eyes is an organization with a mission to “collaborate with businesses and establishments who share a common goal: ensuring that persons with disabilities and anxiety have equal access when working, visiting, or frequenting sites in their community.” (

CMS is proud to be one of the first few locations on MSU’s campus to be “Able Eyes Accessible” and among many organizations within the Greater Lansing community. Such establishments include Abrahms Planetarium, Breslin Center, East Lansing Public Library, Impression 5 Science Center, Kellogg Center, MSU Library, Preuss Pets, and many more!

Being “Able Eyes Accessible” allows CMS to expand its capacity to provide an inclusive and accessible environment where all people can come to make music.

Explore the CMS Virtual Tour by Able Eyes

(Links to this tour are available under the Programs menu as well as under the Resources section of the CMS website footer).