Suzuki Strings and Piano

For Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano

The Suzuki Program, or “mother tongue” method of instruction, is a well-established pedagogical method. Children typically start at age 4–6 years (although older children are welcome to start with the Suzuki method). Children younger than 5 years of age must attend at least one semester of Early Childhood Music Education before enrolling in Suzuki, to ensure musical readiness.

The philosophy of the Suzuki method is built upon the parent-student-teacher triangle of learning. In addition to weekly private lessons, students attend a weekly group class, as well as perform in solo recitals and participate in a yearly workshop. Parents/guardians attend each activity, take detailed notes, and are responsible for supervising at-home preparation and practice.

All parents are asked to observe four lessons given by a Suzuki teacher either before or during their child’s first semester of lessons. In these observations, parents/guardians will learn about the Suzuki philosophy, the role they play in their child’s music education, effective practicing strategies, and the life-long relationship built between the teacher-parent-child.

Highlights on the CMS Suzuki Program
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The History of the Suzuki Method

The Suzuki method was developed in postwar Japan by Shinichi Suzuki, a Western-trained professional violinist, who wished to give musical instruction to the children of his war-torn country. The premise of the Suzuki method is that learning is the product of environment and any skill can be learned when broken into small, manageable steps. Suzuki’s approach was to teach music in the same way children learn to speak their mother tongue.

Children study and perform common repertoire comprising folk songs, Baroque dances, and standard works. Students listen daily to recordings of these works while learning the skills necessary to perform on their instruments.


Annual Suzuki Workshop - March 18, 2023

Registration information for those not already participating in the CMS Suzuki Strings program coming soon.


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