Musicians' Wellness Offerings

The Musicians’ Wellbeing Initiative is a new series of offerings that are committed to improving the overall mind/body/spirit wellness of musicians, educators, students in the community.  The goal of these unique offerings is to provide educational modalities for individuals and groups in order to cultivate their awareness of holistic musicianship, and to encourage lasting and empowered lifestyle changes that will allow musicians of all types to flourish.


The Musicians’ Wellbeing Initiative’s commitment to musician health improvement and empowerment is based on the recognition that a healthy, productive music community is critical to a strong and viable arts culture within the community and throughout the world.

  • We place the highest value on confidentiality, trust, and respect for all without discrimination to anyone
  • We implement effective educational and therapeutic methodologies to increase awareness, and to create and sustain empowered lifestyle change/modification
  • We are committed to high standards of excellence, quality, ethics and integrity
  • We are responsive to emerging health concerns, needs, and interests of musicians

All sessions are taught by Anne Marie Jones, Elinore MorinTess Miller and Dr. Judy Palac.


Musicians' Wellness Offerings

 Group Coaching for Teachers

Group coaching for teachers is a supportive and collaborative way to work through the challenges and issues you might be facing in your life and career. This collaboration for teachers and preservice teachers will dive into the issues the group members are facing and offer supportive resources to move beyond them. We will meet virtually for 90 minutes, once a week for 6 bi-weekly sessions. Using the Integral Coaching methodology, we will explore the issues most relevant to the members of the group and develop tools for handling them that will last far beyond the coaching engagement.


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Have you ever been bathed in sound?

The CMS is now offering live Sound Baths. Certified Music Practitioner, Tess Miller, uses various sound healing instruments, including crystal singing bowls, drums, and voice, to create a sonic atmosphere that will help your body relax.

How does sound do that?

Sound is an energetic wave. Up to 60% of the entire human body is comprised of water, and because sound travels fastest in water, it's not just our ears that experience sound. Our entire body is affected!

Sound waves activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for shifting us out of a fight-flight-freeze stress response and into relaxation response.

This means that intentional, live sound can help decrease your stress levels, helping your body get into a state of healing physical, mental, and emotional issues.

All you will need is a yoga mat or sleeping bag and as many pillows as you like. Participants may lie or sit as is most comfortable. Chairs will be provided for those unable to get on the floor.

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Body Mapping is a method of somatic education that enables musicians to move in accordance with their anatomy and physiology. Licensed Body Mapping Educators do this by helping musicians to be aware of and to change their movement habits, in order to fulfill their musical intent and avoid injury in performance. CMS offers both the full Body Mapping course in a group format over a weekend each semester, as well as individual Body Mapping lessons during the semester, all taught by Judy Palac, LBME.


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Begin to discover freedom of movement, poise, pain reduction, strategies for stress relief, relaxation without collapse, resisting gravity without stiffening, finding and renewing one’s inner balance, the inter-relatedness of mind and body. The basic principles and practical tools of the Alexander Technique will be explored through guided movement and discussion. (This class is for ages 16 and up).


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